Our Programs


Emotional intelligence and literacy program

Mobilize to improve the communications patience and purpose of young people, in an effort to raise their ability to write and express themselves with literacy and legacy.

The impact = higher emotional intelligence in more young people


lettrs, Code of Support


September 2019


Mentors militia program

Mobilize to activate a mobile mentors network that impacts 12 million young people. Here we partner with brands, educators and the OneTo12 platform to activate a Mentors Militia of 1 million activate mentors for 12 million mentees.

The impact = more guidance in the lives of young people


Oneto12, Mission Continues, FirstWave


June 2019


resilience and mental fitness fund

Mobilize to dramatically increase the mental fitness of people, for the more productive and purposeful use of their mental skills and drives for society. We will partner with mental health technologies for meditation, motivation and medicine for the mind.

The impact = resilience to adversity and pain


Reservoire, Copeify, Team RWB


May 2019


mindful males program

Mobilize to reduce the young male suicide rate by 50%. The incidence of young male suicide has reached a crisis level in 2019, calling into action our best minds to reaffirm and recognize the value of mindful men in society, science and culture.

The impact = healthier and happier young men


BestInMen, FiveSenses, ESPN


July 2019


female founders

Mobilize capital and creativity in female founders, to activate the founder potential of young women at a much earlier age than the current norms.

The activation and acceleration of female founders creates new economic value and values in the global economy.

The impact = more independence and innovation for young women


Hersellf, The Wing

November 2019